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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Unity is strength best story in English by

It is a matter of time that an immoderate elephant in the dense jungle of Banagiri had made a huge uproar. Someone considered someone because he was drunk in his strength

In Banagiri, there was a small happy world of a bird and a bird on a tree. Chidiya watched the golden dreams of the ninety-nine dear children sitting on the eggs. One day, the brutal elephant weighed, screaming broke the trees and came to him. Seeing it, he also broke the bird's nesting pad. The nest dropped down The eggs were broken and the elephant's feet fell from it

Chidiya and chida shouting could not do anything except shouting. After the elephant went, Chidiya chest started crying. Only then did the rigors come. He was a good friend of Chidiya. If the Kafodawi asked the reason for her cry, then she said all the story. Kaflawi dialect "There will not be anything in this way because of being immersed in gum. We have to do something to teach the elephant a lesson. "
Chidiya showed frustration "How can we fight a small creature with that powerful elephant?"
The Kafrodawi explained that "another one becomes eleven together. We will add our powers. "
"How?" Asked Chidiya

"One of my friends is a whirlwind called the thief. We should seek advice from him. "Chidiya and kathodawadi came from the whirlwind. "It's very bad!" Come, I have a frog friend, ask him for help. "
Now the three reached the edge of the lake, where she was a paddock. Bhanwarale told the whole problem. Frog Bharayya said in the voice: "Do not wait patiently for me to be patient here. I sit and think deeply. "
By saying this, the frog jumped into the water. After half an hour he came out of the water, his eyes were shining. He said, "Friends! There has been a great plan in my mind to destroy that killer elephant. Everyone will be contributing to it. "

As soon as the frog told its plan, all jumped happily. The plan was really amazing. The frog repeatedly explained everyone's own roll.

Just a few minutes away, he was jumping in a pale by eating choppy elephants and eating papal branches. The first work was of the whirlwind. He went to the elephant's ears and began to roam the sweet rage. After listening to the rage, the elephant became dazzling and closed the eyes and started to choke.

Then the woodpecker successfully did her job. She came and twisted both eyes of the elephant with sharp beak like her needle. The elephant's eyes broke out. He began to run away blindly and ran away.

As time went by, the wrath of the elephant was increasing. Due to not being visible from the eyes, the body was getting injured due to stumblings and collisions. The wounds were forcing him and screaming.

I will be grateful to you for a lifetime. You helped me so much. "
Maddok said "No need to thank. Friends come in handy for friends. "

One of the eyes burning in the eyes and screaming from the top- the throat of the screeching elephant dried up. She began to feel thirsty. Now she was looking for the only thing, water.
Madhak gathered many of his brothers and sisters and took them away and asked them to shatter away sitting on a very big pit. All the paddlers started shuffling.

Hearing elephant's ears was heard listening to the trumpet. He knew that frogs live near the source. He walked in the same direction

The trail was getting faster and faster. Thirsty elephant and ran fast
As soon as the elephant approached the pit, the tenants started thrashing with full force. The elephant went ahead and fell into a pit like a huge stone, where his life was not long before he could fly, thus the elephant killed in that ego ended.
Learning: 1. There is strength in one.
2. The late or the end of the agency will end.

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